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Cooler Master Cpu Cooler Heatsink Fan99
Posted by : Frank Zhang | Jan 12, 2021
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1. Product Name:Cooler Master Cpu Cooler Heatsink Fan
2. Product Description:Cooler Master Cpu Cooler Heatsink Fan,Cpu Heatsink
3. Price:10.00
4. Product Website: www
5. Company Description: Foshan Yuju Metal Products Co., Ltd.
6. Address: GuangdongGuangdongFoshanNanhaiNo. 303, 3rd Floor, Shaohua Building, Zhongbian Avenue, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
7. Descption: We focus ou manufacturing industrial aluminum profiles and high-end custom aluminum profile accessories. Our aluminum profiles have a wide range of applications, such as windows, doors, curtain walls, building materials, lighting, complicated shapes, radiators, assembly line, conveyor, auto parts, electronic, motor housing and many more.
8. Registered Capital: 100
9. EmployeeNum: 100
Foshan Yuju Metal Products Co., Ltd.
10. Contact: FrankZhang
11. Telphone: 86-757-85576039
12. Fax: 86-757-85576039
13. Email:
14. Company Website: www

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