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Xi'an Up to 18k / month
Posted by : jobs overseas | May 22, 2020
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Our schools are modern, well equipped and progressive and classes are based on EFs own syllabus. We teach small classes of students, mainly children from ages 3-14, and all the way up to adults. This breadth and variety of students gives our teachers great opportunity to develop into well rounded, experienced professionals. In addition, we offer a continuous teacher development program me of training, observations and workshops. We greatly value our more experienced members of staff and encourage them to become involved in this. We employ around 90 international teachers from over 20 different countries across our nine EF schools in Xi'an, which means that there's always someone on hand to offer some teaching advice and support, or to go and grab a bite to eat with. 1. Generous salary 11000 RMB - 15500 RMB (after tax) per month depending o

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