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Good position Primary and Middle school in Chengdu city
Posted by : jobs overseas | Aug 12, 2019
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To Apply visit this link: www">www

Salary: RMB13,000 to RMB 15, 000.

Benefits: RMB8,000 flight reimbursement, House allowance RMB1, 500 per month, Winter holiday is half paid, Chinese public holidays are fully paid

Working hours: From Monday to Friday, 8: 00 AM-12: 00 PM, 1: 00 PM-5: 00 PM. No more than 16 hours of face-to-face teaching. For coming semester, about 10 classes each week and each class lasts 40 minutes.

Location: East of Chengdu city, 30 minutes to reach city centre by metro, 5 minutes to metro station by bike.

Students age: 6-14 years old, mostly 6-9 years old.

Class size: 18 students each class.

Requirements: Native English speakers (from UK, USA, AUS, CAN, NZ, SA)

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