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Non-nativeorNativeForeignEnglishteacher accepted in XIAN, CHENGDU
Posted by : jobs overseas | May 26, 2019
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Start date: Aug & Sep, 2019 Vacancy: 10 Requirement: English natives. BA degree or above, major in English or education preferred Teaching Experience 2 years and TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate preferred Newly graduated students with TEFL and teaching experience acceptable Strong sense of mission, professionalism and responsibility. Reference letter preferred plus PER Health certificate plus CRC (Certification of Criminal Record) Benefits: Base Salary: 15 K per month or higher based on qualification and the detailed requirements for work, Pay date: 10th of every month House: 2000 RMB housing allowance plus free breakfast and lunch Work Visa provided: Yes, " Z " visa plus Resident permit plus Work permit Second-year-promotion: salary increased 500 RMB per month600 USD as a Contract Completion Bonus Insurance is provided Working 5 days a week, Weekly Class Hrs/ Work Hrs 40 hours, from Monday to Friday, Day

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