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Posted by : Christian Helpings | Feb 18, 2018
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The iThrive Diabetes docuseries promo window is OPEN!

Join us as an affiliate for the iThrive Diabetes Docuseries, and get in on delivering this incredibly important information about preventing and reversing these conditions! www

Did you know 20% of American children are now obese, and when you’re obese, you’re up to 500% more likely to get diabetes?

And, 2 of 3 people with diabetes die of a heart attack.

This is the topic of a riveting, 9-part docuseries filmed by a 53-year-old man suffering from diabetes and obesity, iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity.

Here are the IMPORTANT dates for the iThrive Diabetes Docuseries: 
* Pre-Launch: February 15-26
* Event: February 27 - March 7
* Replay Weekend: March 10–11

This docuseries covers the shocking truth about the fastest-growing global killers: diabetes and obesity. So, we hope you'll join us to get this important information out to the world.

--->>Please take a few moments to register as an affiliate for the iThrive Diabetes docuseries!

P.S. We'd love to have you join us as an affiliate for this diabetes event -- delivering more information for the world to live healthier and happier's what we all do! Thank you in advance! www

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