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400TON Auto Parts Rubber Injection Molding Press Machine,Rubber Injection Machine
Posted by : Candy Zhang | Jul 30, 2017
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400TON Auto Parts Rubber Injection Molding Press Machine,Rubber Injection Machine
Product Name: 3RT Front Top Mold Open Rubber Injection Molding Press Machine
3RT Rubber Injection Molding Press
3RT Silicon Rubber Injection Molding Press
1.Mechanics design
All components are mounted on a single base. Great attention to surface finishing presents a machine that is fine in appearance as well as dependable in production.
2.Material supply system
A special design of two-stages material supply is employed. It expels bubble out of the raw material in the most effective way and there is no dead material left in the injection sysem.
3.Injection volume control
A design incorporating a high precision optical ruler, makes in Germany, is adopted. The injection volume can be calculated and controlled precisely.
4.Design of rotary injection board
Special designs for loading/unloading functions are provided. It causes no dead material in the injection nozzle. It is easy to clean the material. It is durable and the quality is consistent.
5.Safety design
A light curtain, made in Japan, is available. An automatic warning system is available. It monitors the status of machine in order to provide extra protection to assurs the operation safety for operators.
6.Hydraulic system design
A full-scale oil system is adopted. The noise is low and the pressure is adjusted automatically and proportionally. It is very accurate and stable.
Qingdao Xincheng Yiming Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd. Non - standard size can be based on customer requirements for the machine to re design and production. The main components of the use of foreign famous brands, the quality is absolutely assured.Run no noise, provide a good working environment for rubber products vulcanized workers.All kinds of human nature of the design details of the manufacturers are highly responsible for the user.
Payment: 100% T/T
Transportation: by vessel.
Packaging: tensile membrane rust prevention and moisture treatment.
Installation and debugging: can help the customer site installation and commissioning.
Contact: Ms Candy
Whats app: 18661426599

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